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Neo CL         InterGrain  - SOLD OUT - still taking EOI - Potential Malt IMI Barley

Neo is a mid-spring maturing imidazolinone (IMI) barley with exceptional yield potential.  Neo is 10% higher yielding than RGT Planet based on InterGrain yield performance data and is an excellent option for medium-high rainfall areas.

Neo delivers;

· A mid-spring maturing, IMI tolerant potential malting barley

· An outstanding disease resistance package including resistance to powdery mildew and cereal cyst nematode, moderate resistance to scald and the spot form of net blotch and useful resistance to the net form of net blotch.  Neo is susceptible to leaf rust.

· A similar plant type and growth habitat to RGT Planet

· Good head retention, tolerance to lodging and head loss

· Excellent grain plumpness, substantially superior to RGT Planet, and comparable test weight to RGT Planet.

Neo has been accepted into Grain’s Australia malting and accreditation program with the earliest potential malt accreditation in March 2025.

Alternative to RGT Planet, Laperouse, Maximus CL and Minotaur   


Titan AX         AGT  - Good Supply - Feed

Titan AX is the first barley variety in the world to carry tolerance to Sipcam Aggressor® herbicide (Group 1, Quizalofop-P-Ethyl), which allows growers to control susceptible populations of barley grass, brome grass, annual ryegrass, wild oats and other grass weeds in the barley phase of the rotation; offering an alternative to Clearfield® technology which growers have relied on for some time now.  Opportunistically discovered by Eyre Peninsula farmer Shannan Larwood in 2010, and further developed by the University of Adelaide, this novel herbicide tolerance trait has been bred into a range of widely adapted, high yielding backgrounds by the University of Adelaide and AGT; with Titan AX being the first variety to be released.   Titan AX (tested as AGTB0325) is derived from widely adapted and popular variety Compass, a plant type that particularly lends itself to low-medium rainfall or Mallee style environments where early vigour and longer straw is preferred; and where lodging is less of an issue. However, AGT data suggests that Titan AX performs consistently well across a range of growing conditions and therefore should be a suitable option for all growers that see value in tolerance to Aggressor® herbicide. Titan AX has been accepted into the Grains Australia malt accreditation program, with stage 2 malt evaluation planned for 2024. Titan AX is deliverable into the Barley/Feed grade.

Combat          InterGrain - Good Supply - Feed

Combat is an exceptionally high yielding feed barley and is WA’s highest yielding barley based on 2018-22 WA long-term NVT yield performance.  It is broadly adapted and performs exceptionally well across a range of soil types and growing season environments.

Combat delivers;

· A mid-maturing feed barley, later maturing than Rosalind and similar to Scope CL

· An intermediate growth habit, providing greater early vigour and early ground cover compared to Rosalind.

· A very good disease resistance package including resistance to powdery milder and good net form (MRp) and spot form (RMR) net blotch.

· Moderate susceptibility to lodging and head loss.


Alternative to Rosalind, La Trobe, Cyclops and Beast 

Maximus CL              InterGrain - Good Supply - Malt

Malt accredited Maximus CL Barley is a high yielding, quick-mid maturing Clearfield barley offering a 4-5% yield advantage over Spartacus CL.

Maximus CL delivers;

· A quick-mid maturity

· Maximus CL is later flowering than Spartacus CL

· For mid-May onwards sowing, flowering dates of Maximus CL and Spartacus CL are similar.

· A general disease improvement compared to Spartacus CL

· A similar erect plant type, strong lodging tolerance and low-medium head loss risk as Spartacus CL.

· Very good physical grain qualities, including excellent grain plumpness (larger than Spartacus CL) and excellent hectolitre weight.

· A short coleoptile, consider sowing depth carefully when planting this variety.


Alternative to Spartacus CL, La Trobe, Commodus CL, Beast, Cyclops and Scope CL  

Newton             SeedNet - Good Supply - Feed

Newton Barley is the first new winter type barley released in Australia since Urambie in 2005.  Being a winter type, Newton requires a period of cold temperature before it switches from vegetative to reproductive growth, so it can be sown early and grazed.  Newton is a high tillering variety with very prostrate growth, so it is very competitive against weeds and produces a large amount of biomass.  In terms of phenology, Newton behaves like a mid-developing winter wheat, so it is much later to anthesis than spring barley, with flowering time between EGA Wedgetail and DS Bennett.  If sown early, Newton has the potential to produce very high grain yield but if it is not grazed it will need an application of Plant Growth Regulator to manage the large canopy.  Newton is a 2-row barley variety with Feed quality.

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