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Tomahawk CL Plus (RAC3261CL)        AGT - SOLD OUT  - APW Classification

Tomahawk CL Plus (tested as RAC3261) is very closely related to the popular variety Scepter and offers all the benefits of Scepter along with Clearfield tolerance.  Tomahawk CL Plus has bridged the yield gap between conventional and Clearfield wheat varieties, delivering yields slightly above Scepter and significantly higher than the Clearfield varieties currently grown in WA. Not only does Tomahawk CL Plus offer higher yields, it has similar disease resistance, physical grain quality, adaptation and maturity as Scepter.  This combination of traits makes Tomahawk CL Plus a great variety choice for growers who are looking to maximise their production, as well as giving them the option to use Clearfield Intervix technology to control certain grass and broadleaf weeds or managing Clearfield Intervix soil residues from a previous crop.


Genie (IGW6754)           InterGrain - Good Supply - AH Classification

Genie is an exceptionally high yielding, mid-slow AH wheat.  An excellent alternative to Rockstar in Southern WA, particularly in >5t/ha yield environments.  In these environments, the variety offers a 1-2% yield improvement compared to Rockstar (2019-22 long-term InterGrain trials). Genie delivers;

· A late April sowing option for medium-high yielding production environments.

· A long coleoptile – an advantage when sowing into marginal moisture conditions.

· Good sprouting tolerance.  IGW6754 is rated a 5 based on internal testing; an improvement compared to Rockstar.

· Useful stem rust and stripe rust (MRMS – WA pathotype) resistances and offers good test weight.


Alternative to Rockstar, Catapult, Yitpi, Magenta, LRPB Trojan and Cutlass.  

Anvil CL Plus (LPB17-6157)          Pacific Seeds - Good Supply - AH Classification

Anvil CL Plus is a quick AH quality, two-gene IMI-tolerant variety with market segment leading yield.  An alternative IMI-tolerant variety to Chief CL Plus and Hammer CL Plus.  Ideally suited to the fast-finishing low-medium rainfall areas of WA. Competitive with other main AH varieties in sub 3.0 t/ha environments. Robust grain receivals package for dependable grain deliveries.

Anvil CL Plus is a two-gene IMI tolerant Clearfield Plus wheat which is able to be sprayed by label rates of registered Imidazolinone herbicides. Quick spring maturity, with bold early growth that provides good early weed competition. Anvil CL Plus has expressed excellent adaptation to the marginal low-medium rainfall areas. Ideally suited for sowing in late break scenarios from late May through June.

Bred by Grains Innovation Australia and developed by LongReach Plant Breeders.  Anvil CL Plus has a similar heading time to Vixen, 3-5 days quicker than Hammer CL Plus and 5-8 days quicker than Chief CL Plus. Medium-tall plant height, similar to Scepter and produces an average number of medium-large heads at maturity. Good all-round abiotic stress tolerance and acceptable disease package for WA.


Alternative to Chief CL Plus, Hammer CL Plus and Vixen (non CL).

Firefly (IGW8192)        InterGrain - SOLD Out - ANW Classification

Firefly is a high-yielding, mid-slow maturing ANW wheat, setting a new noodle yield benchmark for WA.

Firefly offers;

· Excellent yield potential with yields 11-15% higher than Zen and Calingiri and 3% higher than benchmark hard wheat Scepter (InterGrain 2019-2022 national long-term yields).

· Mid-slow maturity, similar to Zen and Calingiri and ideally suited to late April through to early May sowings.

· Effective disease resistance profile including good stripe rust (MRMSp) and yellow spot resistance (MRMSp)

· Good physical grain characteristics, including good grain size.

Calibre         AGT - Good Supply - AH Classification

Calibre is the first variety derived from Scepter to hit the market and is the next step for growers looking to achieve the gains they made by switching from Mace to Scepter. Not only is Calibre the next step in grain yield, it also offers growers the opportunity to access longer coleoptile genetics in an elite yielding background. The coleoptile length of a wheat variety is a factor that limits how deep you can plant, so, it’s not surprising that there are many instances where a longer coleoptile is needed: when there is a chance of furrow fill by wind or rain; when chasing receding moisture profiles; or when trying to achieve adequate pre-emergent herbicide separation. Magenta is a good example of a variety with a longer coleoptile that has been used in the past by growers to manage such situations but is now outclassed. Calibre has a similar coleoptile length to Magenta but with market leading yield performance.  Calibre is slightly taller than Scepter, so growers may observe some leaning or lodging when Calibre is grown in higher yielding situations.  With elite grain yield, improved coleoptile length, AH quality, very wide adaptation, and a disease package similar to its parent Scepter, Calibre makes an excellent replacement for Scepter. The yellow spot resistance of Calibre is good, achieving a very similar level of resistance to Scepter. Calibre also offers a valuable improvement in stem rust and powdery mildew resistance over Scepter and Vixen.


Alternative to Mace, Scepter 

Dozer CL Plus (IGW6783)         InterGrain - Good Supply - APW Classification

Dozer CL Plus (IGW6783) is a high yielding, mid-quick maturing imidazolinone tolerant, APW wheat.  It is an excellent alternative to Hammer CL Plus.  Dozer CL Plus offers a 5% yield improvement compared to Hammer CL Plus (InterGrain 2019-2022 national long-term trials).

Dozer CL Plus delivers;

· A mid-quick maturing variety similar to Calibre, ideal for mid-May onwards sowings.

· An excellent low rainfall option – alternative to Hammer CL Plus and Chief CL Plus.

· Good lodging resistance, an improvement compared to Hammer CL Plus.

· Good grain size and test weight


Alternative to Hammer CL Plus, Chief CL Plus and Razor CL Plus   


Mowhawk (LRPB-14343)         Longreach - Good Supply - AH Classification

LongReach Mowhawk, a NEW Quick Winter variety with similar growth habit and maturity to Longsword.  Mowhawk has broad general adaption and is ideally suited to higher production areas and early-break scenarios.  Mowhawk is quicker to heading and 10-15% higher yielding than the current benchmark winter variety, Illabo.  It has a sowing window from late March through to late April (Optimal sowing date, before ANZAC Day), in the Medium-High rainfall areas of WA.  Mowhawk has an excellent all-round disease package with Stem Rust R-MR (p), Leaf Rust MR (p), Stripe Rust R-MR (p), Yellow Spot MR-MS (p) and Powdery Mildew T-MR (p) WA and Mowhawk has good diverse soil tolerances and an acceptable grain package.  Mowhawk currently has a final AH classification in WA.

Vortex (LRPB-3055)         Pacific Seeds - Limited Supply - APW Classification

LRPB Vortex is a high yielding mid-spring maturity, similar to other main season varieties such Scepter, Calibre and Devil.  LRPB Vortex has top end yield performance while maintaining a consistent yield advantage over current benchmark varieties throughout WA.

LRPB Vortex is an erect and compact plant type with good tillering and medium sized heads.  LRPB Vortex has an excellent powdery mildew rating of MRMSp and good all round abiotic stress tolerances, fit for the diverse growing conditions of WA.

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