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Peas & Beans


CBA Captain Chickpeas       AGT - Limited Supply

CBA Captain is an erect desi type with broad adaptation.  It has had very limited evaluation in southeast WA.  In other WA environments, it has a medium plant height with good height to the lowest pod and moderate lodging resistance providing excellent harvestability.  CBA Captain has been included in WA Stage 3/NVT since 2017 and good reliable yields have been observed in Agzones 1, 2 and 4.  Currently there is no chickpea Ascochyta blight (AB) field testing conducted by NVT in WA.  In the east, the 2019 NVT disease ratings are: susceptible to the Curyo isolate (southern e.g., SA and VIC) and moderately susceptible to the Gurley isolate (north e.g., NSW, QLD).  This is the same as Genesis 836 and PBA Slasher.  CBA Captain has superior grain quality based on seed shape, size and colour.  CBA Captain meets the requirements of a ‘Jimbour type’ suitable for the sub-continent market.

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